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Two people accounting for their inventories


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Account for your Inventories

  • Keep record and track your inventories 24/7
  • Quickly and accurately compute your inventory data
  • Increased security for your inventory data

Two people accounting for their inventories

Increase Target Marketing

  • Receive valuable monthly insights for better decision making
  • Envision your inventory data in real time using a live dashboard
  • Use predictive analytics to drive target marketing and sales

Increase target marketing using data analytics on your customers

Personalised Invoice Transactions

  • Access to automated business invoice and inventory payables records
  • Keep track of monies owed to you by your customers
  • Stay up-to-date with how much you owe your suppliers

Invoice and Inventory payables records

Productive Team Collaboration

  • Manage your team effectively by assigning various roles to different users
  • Avoid double recording of your inventory data
  • Audit your inventory levels seamlessly

Three people together to audit their inventories

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